“Guiding the funeral process to create a heart-centred ceremony  honouring the life of a beloved.”


Funeral planning that relieves bereaved clients from the burden of practical arrangements with simplicity and ease. 

From the traditional ceremony to the innovative, non-traditional tribute and life celebrations, Shelly Bennett walks with you to create beautiful heart-centered services, honouring your values in an affordable and authentic way.


"Shelly is deeply caring, informed, organised, hands-on …
She took the time to know our family, our story and with her wisdom and grace helped connect us with the meaning, memories, and ultimately the beauty we wished to share with those who would come to pay their respects.".      



As a Funeral Director Shelly Bennett values the love that community brings. Grieving the death of a loved one offers an opportunity for reverence. Through remembrance and authentic ceremonies, a life's precious gift can be illuminated, and funeral services often start the healing process for those who attend. 


As a mother, yoga teacher and Ignite your Spirit therapist, my secular approach towards my own spiritual practice, infuses an open-minded, heart-centered approach to funeral arrangements. Being a long term resident of Sydney, it is a privilege to work with many unique people and cultural values.


Being a funeral director is an honor to be present at sacred times of change in the lives of others. Shelly Bennett as your funeral director is a professionally registered celebrant who is committed to transparency for all funeral services. 


Shelly Bennett is part of Picaluna – a network of celebrants and professional planners creating authentic meaningful, family-led farewells.  


At Picaluna we do death differently, helping families to create a better way to say goodbye. We aim to revolutionise the funeral industry by offering more bespoke experiences, without the rushed, cookie-cutter service of some of the major corporations in the funeral sector.


We offer open and transparent pricing, and give back by donating 10% of our profits to a charity or cause nominated by the family.


We team up with service providers such as florists, stationery providers, coffin suppliers, cemeteries and crematorium to tailor everything we do to suit the family’s needs.

We enable communities to mourn, honour, celebrate and rejuvenate, and we give you all the freedom, choice, guidance and time you need.

​© 2020 Michelle Bennett