Shelly Bennett Funeral Director


A green funeral (also known as a “green burial” or “natural burial”) is a funeral that seeks to make as little impact upon the environment as possible. Green funerals are different from traditional burials in that they have some or all of the following elements:


  • Burying at a green burial site

  • Burying in an environmentally conscious green coffin, casket or shroud

  • Burying without a grave liner or burial vault

  • Dressing the deceased in biodegradable clothing

  • Preparing the body without, chemical preservatives and disinfectants

  • Having no headstone or a green headstone

  • Consider the venue of the ceremony

  • Have the order of service made from recycled paper.

  • Flowers that have been grown organically, or opt for a donation to charity omitting flowers

  • Carpool from the funeral service to final site.

Green funerals
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