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Bereavement when a beloved has died is a personal experience offering a unique occasion to connect with others and reflect on life's passing moments. Facing the planning of a funeral service, ritual, vigil or other heart-centred ceremony requires a sensitive approach towards removing the mystique of options and practicalities. Easing burdens for you to create a meaningful expression of significance, you can trust that Shelly Bennett Funerals will liaise with sensitivity and transparency. By employing proven providers such as the trusted network of Picaluna, honouring an expected or unexpected death is achieved with dignity and respect.

Bespoke Funeral

Personalised Funeral   |   Ceremony  |   Ritual

Shelly is a qualified funeral director who eases the practical burdens, at your time of bereavement, when a loved one dies an expected or unexpected death.  With a gentle and authentic knowing, you are walked through every option, as Shelly supports you with how to create a tasteful tribute for a life lived.


End of Life Celebration  |   Memorial  |   Wake

If you need guidance or are looking for suggestions for innovative funeral arrangements, planned to suit your loved one, that are not in the usual realm and require finesse. Shelly will simplify the mystique of end of life care and assist you to tailor a tribute to your desires.

Home Vigil

Home Vigil

Cremation or Burial

Cremation or Burial

Green funerals

Green Funeral